Michelle Cartier



Dr. Michelle Cartier is a an educator, media poet, and community activist whose philosophical research continues to examine ‘love’ as an ethics and responsibilities of a media culture. She teaches Critical Analysis and Film Studies courses at Humboldt State University.  As a filmmaker and media poet, her work consistently pushes the boundaries of the frame and is often best translated through interactive media performances. Characteristically including short original films, socio-political remixes of pop-culture, and live djing, Dr. M. Cartier’s theoretical focus un-works as a relentless invitation for her audience to coauthor an experience of authentic communication.  The technical style of her filmmaking is usually dense with an eccentric mix of 16mm Optical Printing, super-8 found footage, and multi-media digital remixes.  Her approach as a director of photography aims to emphasize the textural details that shape her subjects, encouraging her students to deepen the telling of their stories through a psychologically and physiologically lens that recognizes the unique plurality of agency and representation to be written/rearticulated through the light and ‘stylo’ of the camera.

Michelle Cartier
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